Ross Residence

The Ross Family came to us as we had built their father’s house a few years prior. They came to us with their own preliminary drawings and a plot of land already purchased. We went over their premilinary drawings together with them to make the changes that would allow them to build the house they dreamed of. A successful build … Read More

Moe & Kelly

Moe and Kelly have deep roots in our family and the both of them, though mainly Kelly designed this complete cottage. Kelly’s design and artistic charm, was used to design the cottage to be like a farm house from the front drive and a true cottage look from the Lakeside. My brother Maurice has been instrumental in motivating and helping … Read More

Talbot & Associates

Jean Guy came to us with a dream to expand his accounting business. During a period of five years, we made his dream come true. With that vision in mind, Jean Guy purchased a building that suited his needs, and then Treasure Homes began shaping it. Treasure Homes hired all necessary architects, engineers, and other professionals to reach our goal. … Read More

Mike & Iris

Gimli is the setting for this major renovation. Mike & Iris had a dream to retire in their cottage by the lake in Gimli. Their cottage, though very nice, was too small to suit their retirement needs. Mike and Iris hired an architect to design an addition to the back of the cottage, incorporating a master bedroom and on-suite that … Read More

Anderson Residence

The Andersons came to us with a finished drawn up design by their designer of choice to be built on their lot. The first step was working on the price for the project. After they felt satisfied with the budget we implemented the changes to their drawings including steel beams, as well as a different direction for floor joists made … Read More

AJ & Lynn

AJ & Lynn came to Treasure Homes with their own lot which they had owned for many years in the prestigious Lake of the Woods. When they came to us they had a preliminary drawing of their original dream. Over a process of a few months we helped them to redesign their cottage to keep their vision of their site, … Read More

Prawda Shell Station

Darius and Tanya were recommended to us by our designer and architect. Our first meeting with them was on site in Prawda. An existing old building was in place and a design had been implemented to encompass the old building. The old building was to become part of the new building so they could continue operating the business as the … Read More