Prawda Shell Station

Beginning the Project

Darius and Tanya were recommended to us by our designer and architect. Our first meeting with them was on site in Prawda. An existing old building was in place and a design had been implemented to encompass the old building. The old building was to become part of the new building so they could continue operating the business as the build was in progress.

The Journey

We started the process and it went very quickly so we could minimize the disruption to the business activity. The new build encompass the old building and the new build also housed a commercial kitchen, with restaurant booth to mimic that Yogi bear feel, retail counter space was included, Also added in the design were the confection space, display, office, bathrooms, vaulted ceiling’s with sky and clouds accents and many other features.

The End Result

The results. The clients were very satisfied as they opened on time. Darius & Tanya had substantial input in all aspects of the building and contributed to the construction and details as well. The contribution of all trades and professionals was exceptional and contributed to a successful build regardless of the long commute.

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