AJ & Lynn

Beginning the Project

AJ & Lynn came to Treasure Homes with their own lot which they had owned for many years in the prestigious Lake of the Woods. When they came to us they had a preliminary drawing of their original dream.

The Journey

Over a process of a few months we helped them to redesign their cottage to keep their vision of their site, their dreams, a lovely view of the lake and also encompassing the warmth of a cosy cottage. The Timber Frame accents in and outside their cottage and stunning pine ceilings were just some of the features of this build. The foundation of this home was a challenge as it range from a 12 ft foundation to a 2 ft foundation by the Lakeside. Kenora area is noted for its rugged Canadian Shield which offers many challenges for the building cottage owner, though it is this that sets this cottage apart following the drastic drop of the landscape to the lake.

The End Result

We took the build of the cottage to the completed drywall stage with all pine accents and fireplaces installed. The input of our client contributed to a wonderful blend of finishes, including Alderwood cabinets, doors, specialty floor finishes. The end result of this build suited our clients to a perfect fit and they are now using the cottage as their permanent home!!

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