Anderson Residence

Beginning the Project

The Andersons came to us with a finished drawn up design by their designer of choice to be built on their lot. The first step was working on the price for the project. After they felt satisfied with the budget we implemented the changes to their drawings including steel beams, as well as a different direction for floor joists made of different material. This was done for better structural strength, and heat distribution throughout their home.

The Journey

Once these changes were made and the finial price was agreed upon they signed a contract with us at Treasure Homes Ltd. The start of the project encountered different structural changes, and implementations that were approved by the engineer and all other parties including the RM of Brokenhead due to soil conditions making this site difficult to build on.

The End Result

The best foundations for the site were chosen and build by the expertise of Treasure Homes Ltd. The Anderson Family were very satisfied with the results and construction and small detailing of the project. We were able to have their finished dream home prior to the agreed upon possession date with only very small overages on the contract due to additions of high end products to the build picked by the Andersons. Treasure Homes was able to build their dream home just for them.

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