Ross Residence

Beginning the Project

The Ross Family came to us as we had built their father’s house a few years prior. They came to us with their own preliminary drawings and a plot of land already purchased. We went over their premilinary drawings together with them to make the changes that would allow them to build the house they dreamed of.

The Journey

A successful build was accomplished with many upgrades throughout the course of the construction. We were able to add timber frame accents, concrete stamping it give it that extra touch for the feel they wanted. A structural heated garage slab and many other details that set their dream home apart. In the end its always the details that make the difference in creating that special dream home nestled in the countryside.

The End Result

The home design and construction of the Ross home will outlast and surpass all expectations. The success of this project was accomplished with a design to meet the dream. As well as sourcing out of products, contractors, and talented decorators to render this stunning end result.

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