Talbot & Associates

The Client

Jean Guy came to us with a dream to expand his accounting business. During a period of five years, we made his dream come true. With that vision in mind, Jean Guy purchased a building that suited his needs, and then Treasure Homes began shaping it.

First Build

Treasure Homes hired all necessary architects, engineers, and other professionals to reach our goal. Surpassing expectations, we entered the first phase of renovations. This included building the main floor, second level, and basement level. We used new designs to complete floor systems, roof systems, plumbing, heating, and electrical.

At this point, Jean Guy moved into his fresh, new space.

Second Build

After his business experienced substantial growth, Jean Guy hired another contractor three years later, asking for a second expansion for his commercial space. Due to unforeseen issues and a long delay, Jean Guy reached out to Treasure Homes once again for help.

We completed the build process and attained the occupancy permit, and Jean Guy took possession after two months. Treasure Homes achieved his goal for the second time.

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